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Q: What are you working on now?
A: I’m going to do my best to keep my blog updated, so be sure to click here!

Q: How did you break into publishing?
A: I wrote a full-length manuscript and shopped it around for seven years. It never did sell, but I started getting "good" rejection letters. And because of connections I had made through my efforts, I got on an audition list for TSR. No publishers do this any more that I know of, but it was a good break for me and led to the publication of VAMPIRE OF THE MISTS.

Q: Can you critique my manuscript/help me improve my writing?
A: For many years, the answer used to be “No.” I’m delighted to say that for a limited time, it is “Yes.” Click here for more information on how to hire me to edit your work!

Q: Can you help me get a Star Wars/Star Trek/World of Warcraft/Media tie in book published?
A: Not really. The best advice I can give you is to work hard on your own, original fiction. Editors of what is known as "tie in" fiction, are looking for professionals who often have to work under tight deadlines. Very, very, very rarely will they publish a first time novelist. Your odds of selling are much better with your own works, and honestly, in many respects it's much more satisfying.


Q: Who's Jadrien Bell?
A: Jadrien Bell is my pen name, under which I wrote the award-winning novel, A.D. 999. Jadrien didn’t catch on, but Christie’s doing fine.

Q: Are you related to Christopher Golden?
A: No. Although it's odd that both his dad and my dad are named James, isn't it?

Q: Is Christie Golden your real name?
A: Yes! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Q: Will you sign my novel?
A: Unfortunately, I can no longer sign books or bookplates. I’ll try to be very diligent about posting my appearances, so with luck, you can catch me at one of them.

Q: I'd like to meet you in person!
A: I often attend conventions or have readings, particularly this year. Check the "What's New" section to find out if I'll be at a bookstore or a con near you!

Q: How can I get on your mailing list?

A: I no longer do mailing lists, but will try to keep my updated section...well…updated, as well as my blog and my Facebook wall.

Q: Can I Friend you on Facebook?

A: Certainly! I will, however, remove anyone who uses offensive or aggressive language (my opinion on what that means) or troubles myself or my other Friends. So far I’ve not had to kick anyone off, so come join the madhouse.

Q: I'm doing a book report for school and need some bio information on you.

A: You'll find both a career biography and a bibliography elsewhere on this site. However, for those of you that need it, here are my vital statistics: I was born on November 21, 1963, in Atlanta Georgia. I spent most of my life in Arlington, Virginia, where I went to Washington-Lee High School with actress Sandra Bullock. I attended the University of Virginia where I majored in English, and during that time spent a semester at Cambridge University in England. I moved to Colorado, in 1995, and spent five months living on Flinders Island, Australia. In the summer of 2012, I moved to Tennessee. Hope this helps; I am no longer able to answer specific questions for school papers.

Q: I’m a big fan of Star Wars. Can you name a character after me?
A: Naming characters after real people can be a bit dicey legally, so I only do it with people I know. Also, it’s a gift to friends or others who have been personally helpful or valuable in my life, so it’s kind of special.

Q: If I write you, will you write back?
A: The answer used to be “yes,” but I get so many emails now that it’s unfortunately impossible for me to answer every one, though I do my best. I have no staff and no publicist, so it’s really just me here. Please do know that I read and appreciate every one of them.


Q: I loved the DANCERS series! (ON FIRE’S WINGS, IN STONE’S CLASP, UNDER SEA’S SHADOW.). Are you going to continue it? Why can't I find the third book online anymore?

A: It happens now and then—a series gets canceled in the middle. I get emails almost daily about this series, which makes me believe that when I have the time and the venue to continue it (which I very much want to do!) I will have a readership. But, there is good news! The rights of all three books have reverted back to me, which is why UNDER SEA'S SHADOW is no longer online for the time being. I have the whole series plotted out, and I've made a promise to myself this year to look for a new publisher. My ideal hope is for someone to buy the series, rerelease what's been published already, and print the last book(s). Failing that, I may pursue an e-book option. Thank you all so, so much for continuing to write me inquiring about Kevla, Jareth, and the other Dancers. You’ve no idea how warm and fuzzy that makes me feel.

Q: I can’t find the sequel to STAR TREK VOYAGER: HOMECOMING.
A: Unfortunately, Pocket Books wasn’t as clear as they might be about this…the titles of the two-parter that takes place after the VOYAGER crew returns home are entitled HOMECOMING and THE FARTHER SHORE. Enjoy!

Q: Are you going to do any more STAR TREK novels? I’ve enjoyed the Voyager relaunch books.
A: Thanks! I will always love Star Trek and I certainly won’t rule out doing any more books, but right now publisher Pocket Books is keeping me very happily busy doing Warcraft and StarCraft novels. But trust me, if and when I do any more, I’ll be sure to let you know!

Q: Are you going to do any more WARCRAFT novels?
A: I’ve loved all the Warcraft and StarCraft novels I’ve done. Blizzard is an absolute joy to work with. Keep checking the front page and social media for the latest news!

Q: Why did INVASION AMERICA end without "ending?" Will there be another novelization, to wrap up the show? Will there be any more books at all?
A: The novelization of INVASION AMERICA was meant to introduce the series. Often, when a novelization appears, it's the pilot episode, which is two hours if the show is going to typically be one hour. With INVASION AMERICA, the show was originally conceived as an episodic half-hour show. It would be very hard to write a full novel on a half-hour of material! So the show's producers decided that I would novelize the first five episodes. Since the show was not renewed, there will be no more books. Sadly. I liked the show a lot myself and was actually invited by Harve Bennett to come out to Hollywood and be on the writing staff! That, my friends, is a compliment!

Q: Will you be writing any more Ravenloft novels? Any more stories with Jander Sunstar in them?
A: I never say never! It was wonderful to see the rerelease of VAMPIRE OF THE MISTS, and I’d love to do a sequel so…who knows?

Q: I can't find your books in the bookstore. Where can I get them?
A: Unfortunately many of my books have gone out of print and can indeed be a bit hard to find. I do bring copies of out of print books to signings with me at conventions, and I’ve had some good luck directing folks to or the used bookstore sections of and

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