Over the years, I have done a lot of professional editing work as well as writing both fiction and non-fiction. I worked as an Associate Editor for two professionally published and widely distributed magazines and also was an instructor for Writer's Digest School. I am an award-winning playwright as well. I have also taught writing classes at the Pike's Peak Writer's Conference and recently at Star Wars Celebration V. For a short time, I'm putting on my editor's hat again.

I will look at the following submissions:


  • Full-length novels, novellas, and short stories
  • Full-length and article-length non-fiction work
  • Outlines of any length
  • Proposals and cover letters
  • Movie and television scripts
  • Manga scripts
  • Ghostwriting projects
  • Any other projects on an individual basis

My rate is $50/hour. For that you will receive:

  • A thorough and attentive reading of your work
  • Comments and a detailed critique, covering everything from catching typos to discussing the theme and voice of your work
  • Recommendations for your next step

Regarding Hourly Rate versus Page Rate: As our friends the goblins say, "Time is money, friend!"

After discussing this with other professional authors who also do editing, I have decided on an hourly rate rather than a page rate. Some of you will need very little work done on your submissions, and so I would be overcharging you if I charged by the page. Others will need a bit more help and guidance, and I would be undercharging myself.

If you're interested, either send me an email at goldenediting@yahoo.com or submit your project to:

Christie Golden
P.O. Box 3214
Clarksville, TN 37043

PLEASE INCLUDE A SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPE IF YOU WISH YOUR WORK RETURNED! I am old-fashioned and like to scribble on the manuscript itself. Obviously, shorter submissions, such as a query letter you intend to submit, can be handled via email. But for anything 5 pages or longer, please send along a SASE.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to shoot me an email.

I had a lot of people who gave me help and advice when I was starting out. I'd like to "pay forward." I look forward to working with you!